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Study finds timing an issue in combination therapy for COVID-19 patients
February 13, 2021 - 7:30 pm

The SOLIDARITY and RECOVERY trials have shown the efficacy of single agents in Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) patients. Knowledge gaps remain regarding the timing of administration and combination treatment. We searched PubMed without language restriction for studies published from database inception until December 24, 2020, with the terms “SARS-CoV-2″ or ”COVID-19″ and “antiviral” and “lopinavir-ritonavir” and “ribavirin” and “umifenovir” and “interferon” and “steroids” and “antibiotics” and “Chinese medicine” and “intensive care unit” or “invasive mechanical ventilation” or “mortality” or “death” or “length of stay”. No relevant articles pertaining to different therapeutic options for COVID-19 was found.
Source: eClinicalMedicine

News Briefs


How a Mongol-Genoese battle triggered the Black Plague

A battle for the small port town of Kaffa between the Mongolian Golden Horde and Genoese merchants triggered the initial spread of the Black Plague from Asia to Europe.

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