Of Systems and Attributions

Of all the issues plaguing healthcare, none is more pressing than our inability to see healthcare as a complex system. As a result, we attribute fault to individuals for problems that are fundamentally systemic.

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The Fault In Our Letters

The WHO has introduced nomenclature redefining COVID-19 variants to prevent prejudices formed during the pandemic. But a close examination reveals this prejudice to be systemic throughout healthcare.

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Brave New World

America is the land of optimism, with an undeniable taste for dystopian futures. One which pits technological advancements in medicine against personal liberties. A belief more pervasive and systemic than we think, extending well beyond the conspiratorial fringes of society.

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Databases for Healthcare Uncertainty

Data drives healthcare, whether it is individual decisions or broader health policies. But data only tells us what we know, or presume to know. Studying the uncertainty around data, in much the same way we study data, would reveal gaps in our knowledge, helping to better understand the data itself.

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What the Indian COVID-19 Crisis Teaches Us – About Ourselves

The country has united in support of India. A unity nowhere to be found during our own COVID-19 crisis, revealing a critical contradiction in America that defines our society, and our ability to address healthcare inequity.

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Prospecting for Vaccine Complications

Recently the Johnson & Johnson vaccine was placed on hold. We studied data to compare the risk of blood clots with the risk of vaccine availability. But instead of data, we should study our perceptions, particularly our perception of low probability events.

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War Elephants of Healthcare

The original battle tanks of antiquity, war elephants were famed for the terror they inflicted on the battlefield. And equally famed for falling apart once faced with uncertainty. Not unlike many of the perceived truths we take for granted in healthcare.

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Healthcare is a System

An obvious statement that most would agree with. Yet few understand systemic thinking in healthcare, which requires an understanding of the complex patterns of behavior that define interactions in healthcare.

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COVID-19’s ‘Miracle’ Drugs

Another day, another miracle drug. Or so it seems. As seemingly every day we hear about new drugs touted as the next miracle, only to be shelved after a few weeks. We explore this trend, and examine the popularity of the drugs used to treat COVID-19 patients.

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Echo Chambers in Healthcare

Our senses are our world. So what we perceive is what we believe. With the perceptions gleaned during a patient encounter determining the healthcare beliefs we hold. We analyze how perceptions form to see how they diverge in healthcare.

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