When Reddit Comes For Healthcare

We all know the impact Reddit has on the financial world. But how will Reddit’s impact appear in the medical world? There are many factors that predict how a similar movement across Reddit’s healthcare platforms would look.

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There’s a Vaccine For That

The COVIDization of healthcare will usher in new trends in healthcare, the most promising of which is the widespread use of vaccines to treat a range of medical conditions, advancing the trend towards customized treatment.

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Rise of the Medical Licensing Boards

Mostly used to oversee licensing and disciplinary issues, each state’s board holds a unique relationship with the state’s attorney general’s office, and can provide medical context for healthcare legal policies.

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A New Approach to the Opioid Epidemic

The opioid epidemic is defined through statistics, which has influenced our approach to resolving it – with little success. We should now change our approach and look at the epidemic as a sequence of decisions.

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The Pandemic is a Perception

Healthcare data has proven to be of little value to both policy makers and to the public. Instead of data, we should monitor subjective metrics like fear and resiliency to predict the course of the pandemic.

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Healthcare is a System

An obvious statement that most would agree with. Yet few understand systemic thinking in healthcare, which requires an understanding of the complex patterns of behavior that define interactions in healthcare.

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COVID-19’s ‘Miracle’ Drugs

Another day, another miracle drug. Or so it seems. As seemingly every day we hear about new drugs touted as the next miracle, only to be shelved after a few weeks. We explore this trend, and examine the popularity of the drugs used to treat COVID-19 patients.

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Vaccines Versus Variants

The latest pandemic narrative pits the newly discovered, highly infectious COVID-19 variants against the efforts to vaccinate as many people as possible. But this conflates two largely disparate aspects of the pandemic, and skews our perceptions of future successes.

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Prospect Theory in Healthcare

Healthcare is irrational and patients behave irrationally. Yet we continue to develop healthcare models assuming that patients are rational. Behavioral economists have already devised models to adjust for irrationality, which healthcare needs to incorporate.

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Echo Chambers in Healthcare

Our senses are our world. So what we perceive is what we believe. With the perceptions gleaned during a patient encounter determining the healthcare beliefs we hold. We analyze how perceptions form to see how they diverge in healthcare.

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