Abortion’s Precedent

America’s regulation of abortion sets a concerning precedent for all of healthcare. As we expand healthcare coverage, we must caution against excessive regulations of other medical conditions.

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Modern Day Fertility Crisis

A recent report erroneously attributes decreasing fertility rates to personal choice among women, conflating economic trends with personal decisions.

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Crafting a Vaccine Marketing Campaign

We see many newly minted vaccine campaigns motivating those eligible to get vaccinated. We analyze why these campaigns will fail.

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Curious Case of Rising Death Rates

A report by NBER reveals stark disparities in American mortality, which may redefine how we see healthcare.

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Data & Individuals

Healthcare is immersed in data, which now define all aspects of clinical care. But data do not define the individual, just like symptoms of a disease do not define the patient.

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Science, Politics & Ethics of Boosters

We recently approved booster shots for the COVID-19 vaccine, raising many issues across different fronts, all defined by one core premise.

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Empowering Police Clinically

Law enforcement often makes rapid decisions in high pressure situations – not unlike physicians. Perhaps law enforcement should train more like clinicians.

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America’s Failing Healthcare

America’s healthcare system has yet again underperformed when compared with other nations, revealing systemic shortcomings that can be fixed with a shift in perception.

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The Despair Epidemic

We define the current mental health crisis through outcomes like mortality. But to truly address and fix this crisis, we must change how we perceive mental health.

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Rural Healthcare

Rural health is all the rage these days, with opportunities abound for a previously neglected patient population. But as healthcare pivots towards the rural, it will realize a key distinction that defines this population.

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We chronicle the diaries of Mahatma Gandhi to learn about his personal views regarding vaccines.

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