Rural Healthcare

Rural health is all the rage these days, with opportunities abound for a previously neglected patient population. But as healthcare pivots towards the rural, it will realize a key distinction that defines this population.

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Rise of Physician Advocates

Patient advocacy permeates all aspects of healthcare, including regulatory processes. But lacking in the newfound emphasis on patient input is the role of physicians in the patient experience, leading to a lack of physicians in regulatory processes.

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Healthcare Hybridization

Healthcare never advances along a simple course, it is always a convoluted mix of what is predicted and unanticipated – a hybrid. And to predict healthcare, we should focus less on what might happen, and more on how such hybrids form.

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Medium is the Message

Today Dr. Deborah Birx is known for many things. But earlier she was known as the country’s leading voice for AIDS, and other stigmatizing infectious diseases. We follow her voice through the pandemic, deciphering how her words affected what we believed then, and what we believe now.

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CDC About Face

The CDC issued a recent revision to the mask mandate, lifting many of the preexisting requirements. A move met with a range of different reactions, revealing a growing trend of Federalism in healthcare, in which local and state governments now exercise a distinct level of autonomy.

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Healthcare Data as Healthcare Inequity

We can now see how post-pandemic healthcare will look. Data platforms will grow in sophistication alongside a growing distrust in data, perpetuating a disparity – a dichotomy of data – forming a new type of healthcare inequity.

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When Economy Becomes Biology

Under the new COVID-19 relief package, the federal government provides long overdue support for those suffering in the midst of a pandemic, while expanding healthcare to unprecedented levels. Though beneficial in the short term, the long term effects of expansion may prove counterintuitive and worsen patient care.

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What Happened to COVID-19 Testing?

In recent weeks COVID-19 testing has reduced significantly, which many attribute to the rise in vaccinations. But positivity rates are measured by testing for COVID-19, and if we decrease the number of tests performed, then we diminish our ability to trace positivity rates, delaying a response against a fourth wave.

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Taxing Healthcare Behavior

If we have learned anything from the pandemic, it is that healthcare is linked to all aspects of society, and that our individual actions have overarching, collective consequences. Should we then impose a tax upon those who behave in medically harmful ways, given that those individual actions affect us all?

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The Pandemic May End Soon – That’s the Problem

With the pandemic ending, we are beginning to predict the future of healthcare and society. But the future never follows a rational, predictable trajectory. It advances in unique, unpredictable ways – often at the cost of society’s most vulnerable.

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Of Irrationality

Irrational beliefs differentially predict adherence to guidelines and pseudoscientific practices during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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