There’s a Vaccine For That

The COVIDization of healthcare will usher in new trends in healthcare, the most promising of which is the widespread use of vaccines to treat a range of medical conditions, advancing the trend towards customized treatment.

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Vaccines Versus Variants

The latest pandemic narrative pits the newly discovered, highly infectious COVID-19 variants against the efforts to vaccinate as many people as possible. But this conflates two largely disparate aspects of the pandemic, and skews our perceptions of future successes.

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Healthcare Trends

Financial traders will tell you that market trends are more powerful than any one trading strategy. Similarly in healthcare, we find broad healthcare trends to be more impactful than any one clinical behavior for a patient’s overall health.

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Can India Do The Impossible?

Within days India will begin one of the largest vaccine roll-outs in the world. Despite the enormous challenges that lie ahead, there are many reasons to believe India can pull it off. And if successful, India may prove to be an ideal case study for other nations to emulate.

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The Vaccine is Here

The vaccine is here – and everything seems to be going wrong. We discuss some of the obstacles encountered and identify the root cause underlying the mistakes that transpired and the inevitable mistakes to come in the future.

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Water, Water Everywhere

The editors write a heartfelt note thanking the readers for their support of the healthcare content and for their participation in the monthly surveys.

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Telemedicine and Trust

Telemedicine may be the future of healthcare. Exactly how that future will manifest varies widely. But predicting the future based upon the present will lead to incorrect predictions. So rather than follow the technology, we follow the patterns of trust among patients and the public to predict the future of telemedicine.

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COVID-19 & The Future of Online News

The recent lockdowns and ongoing restrictions have brought about an increased interest in health and science news online. But a closer analysis underlying the increased readership reveals unique behaviors and trust preferences among those reading such articles – behaviors and preferences that may go on to predict the future of news consumption online.

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Improving Healthcare By Minimizing Substitution Costs

Healthcare is set to change in novel, unprecedented ways in the years to come. But how we envision these changes is as important as what we seek to change – particularly when it comes to socializing healthcare under a one-payer model. Whether competition is good or bad for patients is not the issue. Rather, we should frame the debate around aspects of competition that are good for patients, by studying the substitution costs patients incur in their local healthcare markets. Optimizing the substitution costs per patient will define competitive behaviors that are beneficial for patients, and define the optimal mix of payers and providers within each local healthcare market.

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Defining Medically Appropriate

A term often used, but poorly defined – yet subject readily to manipulative, self-serving interpretations. Generally assumed to be behavior consistent with accepted standards of medical practice, medically appropriate is the reference standard that we all agree to – in principle – yet when we apply it in practice we find widely disparate meanings. We attempt to understand the term from the evolving history of government responses to observe how changing dynamics over time can predict changing interpretations of the term in the future.

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How a Mongol-Genoese battle triggered the Black Plague

A battle for the small port town of Kaffa between the Mongolian Golden Horde and Genoese merchants triggered the initial spread of the Black Plague from Asia to Europe.

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