Revising the Opioid Guidelines

Nuance, a word often cited in discussions regarding the CDC opioid prescribing guidelines. But in citing nuance, they really mean complex – revealing an unresolved disconnect between thought and action.

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Paths of Understanding

The CDC has defined the process through which it will revise the opioid prescribing guidelines. One that includes public commentary as well as in-depth private conversations, creating different paths of understanding.

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Transparency by Proxy

The committee working with the committee revising the CDC opioid prescribing guidelines met in a public assembly, highlighting a contrast in transparency among those providing recommendations, and those doing the revisions.

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Pfizer’s Moral Hazard

Pfizer recently announced the possibility of a third dose, a booster dose, for the COVID-19 vaccine. An announcement met with uncertainty – from policy experts to the general public – exposing a potential moral hazard for Pfizer.

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Freedom of Misinformation

Freedom means many things to many people. Above all, the freedom to disagree. But when disagreements occur not just between opinions, but between facts, the freedom of information we so proudly protect dissolves into a freedom of misinformation.

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Post-Pandemic Opioid Litigation

As Mark Twain said, history does not repeat itself, but it often rhymes. As the current wave of opioid litigation is eerily similar to what we have seen before – but with one critical difference – which may make all the difference.

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A Medical Decision, Made Legally

With the CDC’s abrupt decision to lift all mask mandates, businesses were left to decide whether to maintain the mandates. A decision most chose to uphold, a decision made legally in the face of medical uncertainty.

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Vaccine Diplomacy

The great game is now upon us, with the United States entering the fray of international vaccine diplomacy, doling vaccines to countries in need and to countries of geopolitical importance.

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A Letter to the Attorney General

We pen a letter requesting a civil rights investigation into violations of private liberties among those disenfranchised by a healthcare system in which the fear of prosecution defines the quality of patient care.

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Law of Patient Experience

Most healthcare laws claim to be logical, but healthcare is more experience than logic. Healthcare laws should then be defined by the patient experience – as it is experienced – not through implicitly assumed patient behavior.

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Of Irrationality

Irrational beliefs differentially predict adherence to guidelines and pseudoscientific practices during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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