When Reddit Comes For Healthcare

We all know the impact Reddit has on the financial world. But how will Reddit’s impact appear in the medical world? There are many factors that predict how a similar movement across Reddit’s healthcare platforms would look.

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Rise of the Medical Licensing Boards

Mostly used to oversee licensing and disciplinary issues, each state’s board holds a unique relationship with the state’s attorney general’s office, and can provide medical context for healthcare legal policies.

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A New Approach to the Opioid Epidemic

The opioid epidemic is defined through statistics, which has influenced our approach to resolving it – with little success. We should now change our approach and look at the epidemic as a sequence of decisions.

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Healthcare Is A (Positive) Right

The pandemic has shown that public health and individual rights have an uneasy relationship. But this does not have to be so. We evaluate the concept of rights to determine the optimal relationship between the two.

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Eliminating the X Factor

The Department of Health and Human Services has eliminated the X-waiver requirement for physicians who prescribe opioid addiction medicine. We study the Government’s role during the vaping epidemic to understand the likely consequences of this decision.

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How Healthcare Gets Extreme

Healthcare is a balance, weighing different causes and effects, like an internal opportunity cost. But when the law simplifies the complexity of medicine, a disparity forms between healthcare and law creating extreme legal interpretations devoid of clinical context. A pattern we may see in the upcoming pandemic litigation.

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Special Report: Amicus Curiae Brief (USA v. Walmart Inc.)

Healthcare litigation surrounding the opioid epidemic has led to a slew of high-profile legal cases – with implications extending throughout healthcare. Yet regulatory policies arising from these cases run contrary to principles of good patient care – creating more harm than good. Out of concern for patients unduly affected, we wrote an amicus curiae brief for the latest civil action taken against Walmart by the Department of Justice.

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When Healthcare Law and Ethics Conflict

Most assume law to be a reflection of the ethics within a society. But in healthcare, law and ethics are often conflicting, putting healthcare providers in difficult situations, compromising patient care to follow the law. But is a law really a law if it violates the ethics of patient care?

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Can Walmart Help Solve the Opioid Epidemic?

To stave off a pending criminal investigation, Walmart has filed civil action against the Department of Justice requesting clarification on the interpretation of the Controlled Substance Act. A law notorious for its lax interpretations that seems to change in every legal proceeding. But in seeking clarification, this case has the potential to establish a consistent framework for jurisprudence that – if developed properly – can find a balance between individual patient rights and the common good.

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Modeling the Dissemination of Opioid Settlement Funds

Legal settlements are known for quantifying medical burdens through static economic models, a problem the federal government acknowledges underrepresents the full scope of medical harm to individual patients. We propose a unique model that disseminates funds to patients based upon the relative burdens the epidemic has inflicted in each community. A model that represents the full, but disproportional extent of harm among communities across the country.

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