The DEA’s Long Game

The DEA recently issued a public health alert, warning of counterfeit pills. A seemingly odd alert given the DEA’s restrictions on prescription opioids, until you understand its purpose.

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Mixing and Matching Vaccines

The CDC might reverse course again, this time on mixing vaccine formularies. We review the science and politics underlying the decision.

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Card Stacking COVID-19 Boosters

The FDA approved a booster dose for COVID-19 vaccines. A sensible decision, but we are concerned at how they derived it.

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America’s Abortion Obsession

The United States has a long history of restricting abortions, using the pretense of medicine to enact laws that moralize a medical procedure.

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Why Healthcare Laws are Restrictive

Healthcare laws restrict specific aspects of healthcare behavior. But in restricting, they reduce complex behavior into simplified restrictions.

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Israeli Data, American Policy

Israel has become an international leader in COVID-19 research. But we should question whether we can apply Israeli data into American policy.

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Co-opting Price Transparency

Originally designed to empower patients, price transparency has transformed into a legal liability, becoming a documentation burden for healthcare institutions.

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Of Approvals and Mandates

A COVID-19 vaccine received full FDA approval, prompting calls for vaccine mandates. But when patients act as consumers, regulatory approval hardly affects the decision to get vaccinated.

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Physician Advocacy Rings Hollow

Physician leaders call for advocacy, galvanizing the medical community to take up public health issues. But these calls appear hollow, more bluster than action.

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Are Politicians Beholden to ‘Do No Harm’?

Political rhetoric on public health policy is now affecting individual patient decisions. Should politicians be held liable for the clinical consequences?

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