Marketing Virality

A hospital executive struggles to balance the accurate reporting of viral incidence rates with the business needs of his hospital – and soon finds himself balancing the ethics of medicine with the ethics of healthcare marketing.

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Great Expectations

Bob the pharmacist prides himself on his dedication to his patients, and his commitment to his job. But when he feels corporate pressure to measure and document every task done, he begins to lose his sense of pride.

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Patient Schematics

For many physicians, their patients come to symbolize many things. For this particular physician, the patients appear as different symbols – with each symbol representing a special relationship with each patient.

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A mesmerizing short story about a family reminiscing over a loved one as they wait patiently, and at times impatiently, in the surgical waiting room. We follow three family members – Betty, Leroy, and Melody – as they each cope with the angst of waiting while their beloved Jonathan undergoes a life altering surgery.

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Gaming Therapy

DEA Agents Martin and Jennings find themselves in the middle of another physician investigation, analyzing data to determine what they can charge this latest physician with. But Jennings soon comes to realize that healthcare has particular attributes that make it more complicated, and quite different, from the traditional drug deals he was trained to analyze. Attributes that define cooperation and non-cooperation through the decision-making between patient and physician. Attributes, that when studied closely, redefine criminality in the clinical setting.

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There Is A Doctor On The Ballot

To celebrate Election Day, Daily Remedy unveils a short story about a physician entering the world of politics. Dr. Kapoor, a bright, young physician, decides to leave a promising career as a physician to enter politics in his native Iowa. While campaigning, he encounters a senior political journalist who seems baffled and then incredulous that a young physician would turn away a career of clinical medicine for a life of politics.

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A Patient Named Candide

A satirical tale inspired by the novella, Candide by the French philosopher Voltaire, reimagines Candide as a patient in today’s healthcare system.

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The BOP In The Age of Corona

A gritty tale of life inside a federal prison as inmates face and attempt to understand COVID-19 risks.

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A Moment of Duality

A medical short story inspired by the late, great WEB DuBois.

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How a Mongol-Genoese battle triggered the Black Plague

A battle for the small port town of Kaffa between the Mongolian Golden Horde and Genoese merchants triggered the initial spread of the Black Plague from Asia to Europe.

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