Moderna, a Modern Medical Company

Moderna’s decision to restrict the licensing rights of its vaccine came as a surprise to many. But for those who understand the modern healthcare system, the decision was expected.

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End of Year Healthcare IPO Bubble

Many highly valued healthcare startups are struggling as public companies, leading many to believe a healthcare bubble is on the horizon.

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Influence of VC on Healthcare R&D

Venture capital has made its presence known in healthcare. What remains to be seen is how venture capital will affect traditional research and development in healthcare.

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Modeling Patient Irrationality

Healthcare insurance models forecast behavior by assuming patients are rational and make decisions optimally – two persisting errors, proving the models to be outdated.

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Abundance of Ignorance

Water, water everywhere, nor any drop to drink – a famous line from a famous poem contrasting the abundance of water with its quality. An analogy apt for healthcare in which we find an abundance of data, but little understanding of it.

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Financial Determinants of Health

Patient behavior follows the path of least resistance, as patients are more compliant when they face fewer hurdles in their care. Something codified recently into formal policy when the American Diabetes Association emphasized the ability to pay in the treatment of diabetes.

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COVID’s K-Shaped Recovery

While most project an optimistic outlook for economic recovery post-pandemic, we find it to be fundamentally disjointed, revealing structural economic changes. These changes are defined by a new trend of healthcare consumerism, in which public health risk dominates basic economic decision-making.

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Healthcare Innovation is Evolutionary

The pandemic may have put an end to many things, but it only accelerated early stage funding into healthcare startups. While the exorbitant increase in funding may appear promising, it does not define success. Rather than the funding, adapting to changes in the regulatory landscape defines success for startups.

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Medical Devices are for the Startups

Most new medical devices are designed and developed by startups, only to be acquired by larger medical device corporations when the new device is ready for sales. A tried and true approach to innovation that is ripe for disruption.

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J&J COVID-19 Go-To-Market Strategy

Market entry may be a sprint, but market dominance is a marathon. And those who end up winning the market are those who best understand the market. J&J may not have the best vaccine, but they have the best understanding of the market.

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