The Media Has Failed Healthcare

The rise in healthcare journalism has led to a rise in biased healthcare articles – with many articles written through inherent biases that are reiterated in subsequent articles.

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Healthcare Equity in Medical Education

The AAMC launched an initiative encouraging medical schools to study healthcare equity – a laudable goal, but one that can go wrong.

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Afghan Shock on Healthcare

The war on drugs has become an international battle, with foreign policy affecting healthcare domestically. The recent events in Afghanistan show how closely they link.

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Why Scientists Lie

There is a fine line between a lie and trying to simplify complex scientific topics. A subtle difference that forms a divide between what scientists say and what the public hears.

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Does COVID-19 Mutate Rapidly?

The pandemic lingers on, defined by the viral variants of COVID-19. We explore the mutation patterns to determine whether the end is near.

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Perceptions Over Outcomes

COVID-19 showed that outcomes cannot represent the full scope of patient behavior. More than outcomes, the perceptions patients hold determine the true intent behind their actions.

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COVID-19 Delta Surges

The final days of the pandemic may feel like a prolonged good-bye, but for regions facing local surges in viral incidence, the pandemic is anything but a distant memory. And like all memories, prone to simplifications, like most pandemic narratives.

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Disparity Masquerading As Equity

There is much talk about healthcare equity, and the importance of access in healthcare. But access means different things to different patients, and what is believed to be equity is often a disparity.

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The Pandemic Can Solve Healthcare’s Problems

To find meaning in suffering is to transcend it. Something we can do in healthcare now that the pandemic seems mostly behind us. But to find such meaning, we must address foundational issues facing healthcare, issues that may not have caused the pandemic, but were exposed by it.

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Healthcare is Woke

Healthcare is now fully engaged in many of the social justice issues grappling the country. A move generally seen to be positive, essential in addressing many of the existing healthcare inequities. But the increasing politicization of healthcare may be more of a mix bag than we realize.

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