The Pandemic is a Perception

Healthcare data has proven to be of little value to both policy makers and to the public. Instead of data, we should monitor subjective metrics like fear and resiliency to predict the course of the pandemic.

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Prospect Theory in Healthcare

Healthcare is irrational and patients behave irrationally. Yet we continue to develop healthcare models assuming that patients are rational. Behavioral economists have already devised models to adjust for irrationality, which healthcare needs to incorporate.

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Persistent Racial Biases

The fault is not in our stars, but in ourselves. In the subtle, implicit biases we continue to carry across many healthcare interactions. What may initially appear as a slight shift in perception, once repeated, soon magnifies into significant disparities.

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Intellectual Burdens In Healthcare

Liberty is the foundation of American culture. But liberty in healthcare often handicaps patients who are less educated about their health. Creating a paradox in which added liberties produce intellectual burdens among those most vulnerable.

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The Vaccine Is Not The Savior We Believe – But That Is Okay

The vaccine has arrived and the roll-out has begun, with many of the high-risk already vaccinated. But we should remain cautious, for what will bring an end to the pandemic is not the vaccine, but consistently maintaining the social distancing parameters, despite the perception that the worst is over.

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Experiencing COVID-19 Firsthand

While most of the world was relaxing over the holidays, we at Daily Remedy were struggling with COVID-19. And we soon learned that reporting on COVID-19 is far different than experiencing the disease firsthand.

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COVID-19’s Mental Constraints

The pandemic has proven how complex the relationship between healthcare policy and economics can be. However, the mental constraints may be more impactful than the economic constraints. And to study the full impact of COVID-19, we should develop new ways to study COVID-19’s mental constraints.

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Do the Previously Infected Need a Vaccine?

The vaccine roll-out is well on its way, and already the early rifts are starting to form. But the ensuing ethical debates have yet to manifest. Among them is the question of whether those previously infected need to take the vaccine. A question many remain silent on for now – which will change once the vaccines become available.

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When Will COVID-19 Functionally End?

The year 2020 is finally coming to an end, but the end of the pandemic seems nowhere in sight. While COVID-19 may never be truly eliminated, we might be able to control the virus well enough to return to normalcy at some point in 2021 – assuming certain variables fall in our favor.

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Vaccine True Efficacy

The pandemic has accelerated the adoption of consumerism principles throughout healthcare. But not everybody is adopting these principles uniformly. And the differences may affect vaccine distribution and adoption, prolonging the pandemic. But a start-up based approach of introducing the vaccine may help discover these differences earlier and improve long term adoption.

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How a Mongol-Genoese battle triggered the Black Plague

A battle for the small port town of Kaffa between the Mongolian Golden Horde and Genoese merchants triggered the initial spread of the Black Plague from Asia to Europe.

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